4 Wasy to Cater Security Doors for the Elderly

If you are an elderly person, home security doors can help give you peace of mind while you are relaxing at home. However operating fiddly locks and opening mechanism can be tricky for some elderly people. Here are some aspects that can help make security easier to use for the elderly.

Colour contrast

For people with any level of vision impairment it can be hard to locate the keyhole and locking mechanisms on fully painted security grilles. By either selecting a security model with a contrasting colour on the key and lock mechanism you can make it easier to find the lock.

Be careful in painting locks post installation as the paint can penetrate the mechanism, and interfere with ability to fully lock your door. It can also void any guarantees around the door's security.

Keyless locks

For people with motor control issues, inserting a key into a lock and rotating the key can be difficult. Luckily keyless locks, which can operate with a keypad or sensor stick, can automatically open the doors without the need for keys. Pin pad entry can also be useful for allowing home help staff, emergency personnel and medical staff to access your house if required without needing to copy keys for them.

Easy Grip

For people with arthritis, grasping smooth or small doorknobs and handles can be hard. Longer handles and textures surfaces on the doorknob can make the knobs easier to grasp. You can easily find installation door grip aids from many pharmacies or medical supply stores. Equally, the weight of a door does not directly influence the strength and it's ability to perform as a security door.

Door alarms or sensors

For people with dementia or Alzheimers, it can be useful for the security door to have a door alarm that informs other family members if someone leaves the house. In the earliest stages of dementia people can be quite lucid during the day but suffer from lowered capacity as the day progresses. As a result it can be valuable to know if someone wanders off after dinner.

Security doors are an important feature to keep your loved ones safe at home. Look for security doors made of lighter weight materials such as steel allows and lighter grille configurations can create a safe yet easy to open security doors. Lighter grilles often provide greater visibility through the door as well. Learn more about your options through resources like Bayside Security Doors & Showers Screens.

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