Top Seven Tips for Making your Doors More Secure

Security doors can be expensive and there are many options to choose from as far as appearance and function. They are a great option to turn to, but not everyone has the ability to afford them. It is then best to secure your own doors as much as you can from burglars. Below are the top seven tips for doing just this.

1. Solid door security:

Solid is key because that means it is more than likely kick proof. A solid wood door is most common but a solid metal one can work just as well too.

2. No windows at all:

Having no windows in the doors is a wise choice to make; windows tend to look inviting and having light come into the entryway of a house can be enticing to thieves. Not having windows will hopefully lead them to not break into your home.

3. Don't have shrubbery near your door:

Having a mini-landscape makes it a great place for crooks to lay out in waiting with no one noticing. Bushes are nice to have but also can obscure the doors themselves.

4. Have a deadbolt installed:

A deadbolt should be installed because it is one of the strongest locks out there right now; this is an item you will want to go name brand on versus the cheaper version.

5. Have a second level of protection:

A deadbolt being installed is a great place to start, but you can also install what is known as a secondary deadbolt; these deadbolts are one-sided versions and are not accessible from the outside. These locks can save you from invasions while you are at home or while you are sleeping.

6. The frame is very important:

The frame should be just as sturdy as the door and the door jamb should be of high quality steel so it is very durable. Once you have installed a door, you can reinforce it with even more steel.

7. Sliding Doors are a catch-22:

Burglars think they are an open invitation, but they are actually really safe. Keep in mind that the glass should be reinforced glass or plastic. They should be kept locked and a dowel should be kept in the track for added safety. Curtains on the inside are a good addition, and if you employ an alarm system, an alarm company should have installed motion sensors by the doors. 

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