3 Tips For Purchasing Frameless Shower Screens

If you are looking to add a touch of luxury and make your bathroom stand out a little more, you should consider one of the many frameless shower screens that are available.  They are now very commonplace as they help to add style and boldness to bathrooms while still giving a very minimalist look.  Additionally, because they do not have exterior frames to support them, they are the most hygienic option when it comes to shower screens as they are easy to look after and clean. 

Once they are installed correctly, they will last for many years.  Before you start browsing frameless shower screens with a view to buying one, there are some handy tips below that will help you to make the best choice.

Measure The Area You Intend To Install The Screen

The first thing you need to do before even looking at frameless shower screens is to measure the area where it will be fitted.  If it is possible and applicable, it is better that you request that the company fitting the shower screen send someone out to measure the area accurately.  If the area is not accurately measured and a screen with the wrong dimensions is ordered, you will be forced to pay unnecessary additional charges for the error. 

Carefully Choose The Colour And Design Of The Screen

It is important to keep in mind the surrounding area around where the screen will be fitted when looking at the colour and design you want to purchase.  Naturally, a plain sheet of glass will give the most simplistic look whereas coloured, textured or slumped glass are great choices when you want to add a touch of glamour.  Brochures at hardware stores will help give you an idea of what different shower screens will look like when they are installed.

A company like Just Glass will offer a number of styles and options as well as professionals who will be able to explain the advantages of different styles.

You Can Add Additional Privacy With Frosted Glass

If you are looking for the maximum level of privacy from your frameless shower screen, you should consider purchasing shaded or frosted glass.  However, remember to choose a colour and design that will complement the rest of your bathroom and not become an eyesore.

It can be a stressful process, looking for and buying accessories and furniture for your bathroom, because you want to make sure it looks the best it can.  With that in mind, we hope the above tips help make the purchasing process less stressful and more enjoyable.

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