What type of automatic doors should you choose?

Before adding automatic doors to your restaurant, hotel or facility, you must know all about them. There are different types, designed for different purposes. In general, choosing automatic doors is a wise decision that can improve your hospitality and leave a positive impression on your customers. Due to the fact these doors are designed for just one specific application, there are different types.

Save energy with low energy automatic doors

Low energy automatic doors have a button that needs to be pushed so the door will open. In most cases, these are sliding or swinging doors. They are specially designed for handicapped people, so they include signage that tells people these are accessible openings for people in wheelchairs. In most cases, these doors use an electric motor to push or open the door. Due to the fact that low energy automatic doors are designed for handicap people, they must operate slowly and with minimal force.

Get the best with high energy automatic door systems

High energy automatic doors are complex and more expensive than low energy door systems. They are available in several different configurations. These include sliders, swingers, telescoping and bi-parting. Also, all of them must include an egress sensor, a threshold protection sensor and an approach sensor.

Automatic swinging doors

This type of automatic doors includes 2 doors. When they open, one of them swings outward and another swing inward. This is a useful feature that allows traffic in both directions. Automatic swinging doors have overhear and door mount sensors. The installation also includes: control mats, guide rails, safety signage and sensors.

Automatic folding doors

This type of automatic doors is perfect for facilities that don't have a lot of space. The system has 2 or more separate panels. Pedestrians have a perfect visibility of the door. It is recommended not to install vending machines or anything else, close to the doors that can distract pedestrians from the moving door.

Automatic sliding doors

Automatic sliding doors provide two-way traffic. They can be pushed and swing in a case of emergency. This feature is also known as "breakaway". All potential customers should know that this type of doors requires slide room. In addition, automatic doors must always include: control mats, sensors and safety signage.

When choosing an automatic door system, a customer must choose the type that will be appreciated by the visitors to his facility. In general, all automatic door systems are appreciated and recommended upgrade.

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