Types of Security Doors For Your Home

If you are looking to provide more security for your home, a good way to start is by having a security door installed. This is a sturdy door, often made of metal, that is hard to break down and keeps you safe from intruders. Here are some different types of security doors to consider.

Screen Door

The first type of security door is actually a screen door that goes in front of your regular front door. This can be placed in front of a metal door for added security, or simply in front of a regular wood or composite door. The door is usually made of a durable material, such as steel or metal alloy. The frame is typically a little stronger than the screen part of the door, but the screen is not like your traditional screen door. This is not going to be flimsy or something someone can cut with wire cutters; it is made of thick, hard, durable metal.

Swing Door

Naturally, you can also get a security door in the form of a swing door. This will replace the main entrance doors in your home, whether the front, side or back door of the home. Like the screen door, there are different types of metal materials used for swing security doors. Steel does tend to be the strongest and most favorable, but you can also go with a metal alloy material, which combines different types of metals. If you are on a tight budget, there is nothing wrong with going with aluminum. It still tends to provide better security of swing entrance doors than your standard wood door. The swing door is also combined with a high-security deadbolt lock that is almost impossible for anyone but a locksmith to open without a key.

Sliding Door

The last type of security door you can get for your home is one that slides. Instead of being for a front door, this is often reserved for doors in your home that already slide, such as your back patio doors, the doors leading to your sun room, or your garage doors. If any of these areas of your home would give an intruder access inside the main part of your home, then you should replace the traditional sliding glass or wood doors with steel security doors. That way, there is no risk of breaking glass to get into your home. Combine these doors with security windows for maximum security.

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