Use Your Braaaiins: How to Choose a Zombie-Proof Garage Door

In the event of the zombie apocalypse, having a safe place to hide out could be the difference between remaining among the living and becoming one of them. If your house gets overrun, your garage could be the perfect place to shelter, but it's important to make sure it's suitable. Consider these factors when you have a new garage door installed, and you can turn your vehicle storage into a safe bunker for the end times and also keep your stuff safe in the mean time while civilisation is still going strong.

Materials When the dead begin to rise or a burglar comes around, the last thing you want is to discover that you've chosen a weak material for your garage door. Wood is popular for its aesthetic appeal and it also offers good strength to keep intruders of any kind out. For even more durability, a composite wood is even tougher.

Steel is the most common material for garage doors, partly due to its strength and relatively low weight. It varies in thickness, with the thinner types being prone to dents, so choose carefully, as this can spell trouble for security. Thicker steel has a lower gauge number, so take this into account.

The third type of material you're likely to see is aluminium. This metal is lighter than steel, which is great if you need to close the doors in a hurry while being chased, but its strength is a bit lower. It's a cost-effective option, however, and its rust resistance means less maintenance.

Automatic or manual Automatic doors provide excellent security and convenience while the world operates as normal, but when civilisation falls, there's a good chance the electricity supply will soon cut out. There are also times when your electricity will have issues even now, so keep this in mind. The door will have some sort of emergency manual mechanism but, depending on the model, this could be time-consuming. Modern manual garage doors are more difficult to force open than older types, so they should keep you safe inside. Look for one with a double lock for extra security.

Opening mechanism An 'up and over' canopy door can be fairly quick to operate as long as it's maintained properly. Made from one solid piece of material, they also offer good durability, but they swing out when opened and move back along the ceiling, requiring extra room. A sliding sectional or roller door can be opened without the need for extra space and operates fast. They move straight up and down, freeing up ceiling space for you to store essential supplies to help you through good times and dark times.

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In the event of the zombie apocalypse, having a safe place to hide out could be the difference between remaining among the living and becoming one of

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