Security Screen Door Installation

Security is one of the priority factors for any home owner who intends to protect their family. Security screen doors are the best options for both security and fresh air. The doors come in various sizes, styles, colours, and types. They are also designed with a series of optional features that provide enough security for your home. It is necessary to learn the complete installation procedure whether you plan on doing it yourself or have a professional to do it for you. The knowledge will add some value to the overall security of your home. Go through a simple guide to help you understand the installation process.

Materials Needed

For a successful installation project, you will need a complete set of materials and tools. You will need a manufacturer's instruction manual, screws, a screwdriver, an electric drill, a tape measure, a hacksaw, and if possible a partner to help you with the installation process.

Keen Examination of the Doorway

Before purchasing a new security screen door, you must have accurate measurements of the doorway frame. Use a tape measure to get the length of all the four sides of the door frame. Also determine the side of the door that needs to be hinged. Some security doors may have handles already installed.

Buy the Right Screen Doors

Security doors vary in prices based on security abilities of each. Houses within neighbourhoods that have relatively low crime rates will demand different security needs than a diamond store situated next to a pawn shop. Talk with sales representative of the various stores to help you make the right decision on the best security door. You may also seek advice from security experts in various security companies within your local state.

Handle and Lock Installation

Carefully read the manufacturer's instructions to verify that you have all the requirements to install the door. Attach the interior and exterior backing plates to the door after determining the sides the handles and locks will be attached. Fit the backing plate and the handle assembly together onto the lock body. Repeat the same procedure with the second handle in the exterior backing plate.

Fix the Hinges

After securing accurate and precise location, screw the hinges onto the door. Perfection with accurate measurements will ensure even opening and closing of the door. Location of the hinges may be marked for you.

Fit Door into the Doorway

You may use the help of a partner to hold the security screen door up and fit it on the doorway. Test the door by opening and closing it to ensure it fits properly.

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